Case Study Of Oil And Ginning Industries

Ginning Pressing & Oil Industries

Ginning Pressing and Oil Industries is manufacturing process. Mostly required for Ginning Pressing and Oil Industries are features like Sauda (Raw Material and Finished Product), Production, Inventory (Stock Control), Costing, Interest Calculation along with general features like Sales, Purchase, Bank, Cash etc.We have system that covers everything from Raw Material to Finished Product. Costing, Stock and Interest Calculation are of most concern because that is prime factor in deciding Profit or Loss of company. Above all we have full integrated system which takes care of your Accounts. I.e. General Ledger, Trial Balance, Balance Sheet, Profit & Loss and Trading A/c.

Why Us..?

In simple words if we put we have 175+ customers. We are pioneer in developing software for this Industry. We so claim we know in nut and shell about Ginning Pressing and Oil Industry. We can guide you in process of changing over from your Old system (Manual or Other Software) to Our system in very efficient manner. (Please See “Services” for more detail). We have best reports which help you manage manufacturing process in simple manner. We have developed some features which before use to be very time consuming and still not accurate in results. Our software is now recognized for Diploma Training Course (Conducted by ATIRA) for Ginners. We believe by providing Value Added Service to Customer by which they can increase profitability or minimize the loss. (Please See “Case Studies” for more detail) In case studies :- Costing of Bales and Season wise Profit & Loss.